Titanium Exhaust Studs For 996, 997, 986 & 987


Developed by F1 engineers who love Porsche for use on their own cars, it soon became clear that many other owners wished to avoid future issues by using Titanium fasteners on their cars. Following a request on the 911UK.com website we productionised the kits to make them available to all owners who wanted them.


These fasteners are produced to the same standards as fasteners used in Formula 1, using the same materials, tolerances and design ethos. The threads are rolled to improve accuracy and quality of the thread versus a cut thread. The grade of titanium used to produce the studs and washers was chosen not only for its resistance to corrosion but also its high temperature stability. The video below shows how the threads are rolled:


Cadmium plated K-Nuts are used for corrosion resistance and they are coated with a MoS2 low friction coating to ease installation and avoid metal to metal galling during installation. K-Nuts are self locking flange nuts which have a very high resistance to vibration and heat. The video below shows a comparison of a self locking flange nut with other common nuts and helps explain why we chose to use K-Nuts in these kits:

If at this stage you are wondering just how fasteners are produced for F1 then Red Bull Racings "Life Of A Bolt" video is below - it's a fantastic video and well worth a watch to understand just how much work goes into a simple fastener.........

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions regarding our stud kits please send us an e-mail: contact@porschetistuds.co.uk